Ideas for Digital Delivery – Adding Value and Serving Your Students Online

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Creating Value Online – supporting your students in new and creative ways

Running online classes and/or offering other digital services is a great way to add revenue in your business and find more ways to serve your customers – both in and out the studio.

Starting virtual lessons, whether they are 1:1 or group based, presents unique challenges as well as unique opportunities.

In the series of posts below I discuss a few ways we can show up and satisfy the needs of our students and customers even when we can’t always be there face to face – and how we can find additional ways to engage them once we have their attention on our digital services or online presence.

The links in the post below may also provide some inspiration:

Feeling inspired?

Awesome! Now go out there – get brainstorming and get creating!

I will be returning to this topic soon – to help you give you a bunch of specific ideas for how to add value online, including some things you might not have thought of yet! Check back for new posts or follow me on facebook and let me know if you have any fun ideas yourself! I’d love to hear them.

Georgia Marie

Georgia loves to see people thrive in the business of pole. She is a multi-passionate digital native who is obsessed with writing, marketing, design, automation... and all sorts in between! She first discovered her passion for pole in 2007 and quickly found herself on the path from student to instructor and beyond. Before long, Georgia was co-managing a chain of pole studios, running events, training staff, performing, competing, marketing the business - and watching the pole industry unfold before her eyes. When she started seeking out ways to make that ‘studio owner life’ easier, Georgia discovered a keen interest in business development and marketing strategy that she continues to nurture today. Combining these new skills with her background in web design, Georgia now spends her days bringing business to life online. She is delighted to work with studio owners on a wide variety of fun and exciting projects - from email marketing to ads and funnels, social media strategy to website makeovers - and thrilled to work with the PoleSphere team on developing their truly progressive tutorial platform as well. Her favourite pole moves are the ones she can already do, she loves anything pink and sparkly and her favourite drink is hot cup of tea (with bonus points for a gingerbread biscuit).