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Rock Solid Marketing Foundations For Studio Owners

What we cover...

PART 1 - Marketing Made Simple (What It's Really All About)

PART 2 - Building Know + Like + Trust in our Ideal Audience

PART 3 - Creating Connections & Building Relationships

PART 4 - Creating Persuasive & Compelling Content

PART 5 - Connecting the Dots - From Social to Sales

Every lesson includes...

  • EXTRA RESOURCES (optional)
  • ACTION STEPS (aka your homework)
  • A BONUS CHALLENGE (with prizes!)

These lessons reveal the exact building blocks that I use again & again - to help studio owners (like you) generate DAILY new leads for their business, attract higher quality enquiries, consistently, and even hit RECORD PROFITS month on month with one fb ad campaign!

All of these successes have one thing in common:
my rock solid marketing foundations.

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