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I pressed send.

Her studio’s entire lead generation campaign was mapped out step-by-step.

1️⃣ The landing page with an irresistible offer.
2️⃣ The compelling sales copy that spoke right to the hearts of her ideal students.
3️⃣ The upsell to convert trials into long-term members.
4️⃣ The organic strategy with 3 months worth of engaging social content.
5️⃣ The paid strategy with tiered FB ads to attract a warm audience local to her.
6️⃣ Even the email sequence to nurture her leads right up until they stepped foot in the studio, and beyond as well.

I had analysed every single aspect of her business in detail, poured over her content and her stats, surveyed her students and even spoken to her instructors on the phone.

This campaign was going to be brilliant, and we both knew it.

“I love it, Georgia. It’s absolutely perfect.”

I was poised to burst into a happy dance when she added, “But I just can’t afford your prices. I’m sorry.”

My heart stopped. Disappointment turned to sadness, then confusion and frustration.

I was 100% sure this was exactly what she needed!

I’d channeled my BEST knowledge and expertise into the strategy, and I had a track record of succeeding with other studios.

As much as it hurt, though, I knew she was right.

Not many pole studio owners had a pile of cash ready to drop on my services like that. Even knowing they would get it all back (and much more!) as a result of the campaign.

But what other options were there?

They didn’t have the time to learn everything I’d learned over the last 3 years. And even if they knew it ALL – they didn’t have a team ready to take care of the technical work, the design work, the ongoing marketing effort.

Not even BEFORE the pandemic!

I knew at that moment that I had to find a better way.

The problem with online courses was they just ended up as ‘shelf-help’… a wealth of information that simply didn’t get put into action. Or was out of date by the time it did.

The problem with workshops was they didn’t live up to the hype. They lacked individual support, relied on strategies that didn’t work for pole or assumed you had a team, and a huge ad budget.

And the problem with outsourcing to an agency was – well – see for yourself:
🗣 “We had a TERRIBLE experience – they had no idea how to market to our audience!”
🗣 “They don’t have much accountability if I pay them and hate what they do or see zero results from it.”
🗣 “It was bad. I was so embarrassed to have our name attached to it!”
🗣 “I’ve wasted huge money on agencies due to lack of confidence and time on my part.”

Even bringing someone on in-house wasn’t working for many people –

🗣 “I seemed to pay them with little results. I liked their work but we didn’t see much growth.”
🗣 “I spent so much money on wages and ad costs only to get not enough leads, or poor quality leads… ugh!

I HAD to find the solution.

So I pored over all my years of notes… the marketing masterclasses I’d been to, funnels I’d launched, ads I’d run.

I studied the patterns, and consulted my peers.

I kept working with my 1:1 coaching clients, showing up with the next solution, and the next.

I kept serving my ‘done for you’ clients, throwing myself into their campaigns, seeing win after win.

And then it hit me.

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced it before… a brilliant idea that feels SO intuitively right… but this was it.

Earlier that year I’d attended the best online bootcamp I’d ever been to. It was hosted by my mentor and was everything other events were NOT!

It was action-packed and laser-focused.
It was all juice, no fluff. Easy to follow AND implement.
Best of all – it was *tailor made* for us and it was followed up with continued support. No student left behind.

We ended that bootcamp not only with renewed clarity and vision – but with the work actually DONE. The copy written, the product created, the funnel launched – some of us were even seeing our first leads filter in before the weekend was out!

It was brilliant – and that’s when it all clicked.

It was right in front of me.

THIS was what pole studio owners needed me to do!

I’d spent years building the exact skills and connections that my people needed. I knew how to generate leads profitably. I knew how to write in a way that inspired action. I knew how to tell whether an offer would flop or not. I knew how to find and fix the holes in a marketing plan. I knew how to whip up landing pages quickly and affordably. I knew how to get raunchy ads approved. I knew how to prioritise marketing efforts in the face of low budgets.

I knew how to join ALL the dots.
And I could teach it too.

But better than that –
I had the tools they’d need.
I had the templates and scripts to save them time.
I had the connections to provide reliable referrals if needed.
I even had the time to sit with the studio owners live and help them get it done. I could BE there to unblock them in real-time and make sure it worked!

It felt like I had literally cracked a code.

But there was still something holding me back…

How could I make it affordable?

We were talking about a highly-specialised, intensive bootcamp that would cost thousands in any other industry.


(join me in part 3 for the big reveal!)

Georgia Marie

Georgia loves to see people thrive in the business of pole. She is a multi-passionate digital native who is obsessed with writing, marketing, design, automation... and all sorts in between! She first discovered her passion for pole in 2007 and quickly found herself on the path from student to instructor and beyond. Before long, Georgia was co-managing a chain of pole studios, running events, training staff, performing, competing, marketing the business - and watching the pole industry unfold before her eyes. When she started seeking out ways to make that ‘studio owner life’ easier, Georgia discovered a keen interest in business development and marketing strategy that she continues to nurture today. Combining these new skills with her background in web design, Georgia now spends her days bringing business to life online. She is delighted to work with studio owners on a wide variety of fun and exciting projects - from email marketing to ads and funnels, social media strategy to website makeovers - and thrilled to work with the PoleSphere team on developing their truly progressive tutorial platform as well. Her favourite pole moves are the ones she can already do, she loves anything pink and sparkly and her favourite drink is hot cup of tea (with bonus points for a gingerbread biscuit).